Nomination Eligibility Criteria

Active Content Creation on META Platform
To be eligible, influencers must have actively engaged in content creation on META platforms like Facebook and Instagram within the past 12 months.

Substantial and Engaged Audienc
The influencer should have a substantial and engaged audience, demonstrating a significant impact within their niche.

Nomination Submission
Nominees can either self-submit or be nominated by their peers or followers.

Content Eligibility Period
Only content created and published within the eligibility period will be considered for nomination.

Nomination Period
The nomination period will be open for a specified duration, and all submissions must be received by the announced deadline. Late submissions will not be considered.

Verification of Content and Eligibility
The event organizers reserve the right to verify the authenticity of the submitted content and the eligibility of the nominees. Any false information may result in disqualification.

Confidentiality of Nominations
The nomination process and details about nominees are confidential until the official announcement.

Category Selection
Influencers must select the most relevant categories for their nomination.

Notification Process
Nominees will be notified of their status in a timely manner. Those selected as finalists will receive additional information regarding the next steps in the evaluation process.

Video Submission
Allow influencers to submit a short video as part of their nomination, providing a personal touch and allowing nominees to express why they deserve the award.


Multiple Category Submissions
Each influencer can submit an entry in multiple categories, with each entry submitted with an individual entry fee.

Void Nomination Categories
In case of fewer than 5 nominations, the nomination category would be deemed void by the host, and the respective nominee fee would be refunded in 15 working days from the day of the event.

These nomination criteria and processes collectively contribute to a fair, inclusive, and transparent "Oregano Influencer Awards" nomination experience.


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